Yale College USA

Yale University Visits USA UnivQuest Hyderabad Office

Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions, Yale University, Mr Keith W. Light visited FIITJEE Hyderabad office in Saifabad on Friday, 13th September 2013.He was accompanied by Mr Austin Shiner, Senior Admissions Counsellor, Admisions and Financial Aid, Yale NUS college, Singapore.

Addressing students from FIITJEE junior college, and the USA UnivQuest & FIITJEE management, Mr Keith emphasized on certain merit based scholarships and funding that Yale University has been offering to international students. Both merit based and need based funding for undergraduate students for the 2014 intake will be to the tune of $120 million, he stated.

He encouraged students to apply to Yale and other Ivy League category of Universities without worrying about the costs.

“Test scores of SAT and subject tests are not the only criteria for selection at Yale and Ivy League colleges” said Mr Light. It’s the student’s overall personality traits, extra-curricular activities, sports acumen that determines the quality of an applicant, hinting at the importance of personal essays and Letters of recommendations and certificates along with all applications.

Toppers from FIITJEE asked extremely relevant questions like the importance of early applications, to which Mr Light responded by saying that the earlier the better, however, if the applicant applies first, and sends scores a bit later, that will also be accepted. Applications within rolling deadlines will also be accepted.

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World University Rankings

by cheaande

The top 10
1. University of Cambridge UK
2. Harvard University USA
3. Yale University USA
4. University College London UK
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
6. University of Oxford UK
7. Imperial College London UK
8. University of Chicago USA (
9. California Institute of Technology USA
10. Princeton University USA

In a modified form almost ALL

by Ed_45

Art School use a modified Bauhaus curriculum... In terms of the USA... Some Bauhaus instructors opened a School called Black Mountain College... when it finally closed... Josef Albers went to Yale to teach and became head of the Art Dept. if I am not mistaken...
The Influence of the Bauhaus and Yale on American Art Instruction has been considerable.

American College of Building Arts holds graduation  — Hilton Head Island Packet
CHARLESTON, S.C. — The nation's only four-year liberal arts college that trains artisans in traditional building arts is holding its commencement exercises in Charleston.

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