University Rankings in United State

The Funniest Cities in the United States as Ranked by the Humor Research Lab at University of Colorado

Funniest CitiesWhile researching his new book, University of Colorado professor Dr. Peter McGraw enlisted fellow Humor Research Lab team members to create the Humor Algorithm (HA) in attempt to find the funniest city in the US. Research included interviews with more than 900 residents in the country’s ten largest cities, as well as online data collection.

Over a nine-month period, the team collected extensive data for the project. First, they mined the Internet and the comedy industry for a variety of objective measures:

  • Frequency of visits to Cheezburger comedy websites, such as Lolcats and FAIL Blog
  • Number of comedy clubs per square mile in each city
  • Traveling comedians’ ratings of each city’s comedy-club audiences
  • Number of famous comedians born in each city, divided by city population
  • Number of famous funny tweeters living in each city, divided by city population
  • Number of comedy radio stations available in each city
  • Frequency of humor-related web searches originating in each city
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International rankings of the United States

by elGringoSubvertico

* A.T. Kearney/Foreign Policy Magazine: Globalization Index 2005, ranked 4 out of 62 countries
* IMD International: World Competitiveness Yearbook 2005, ranked 1 out of 60 economies (countries and regions)
* The Wall Street Journal: 2005 Index of Economic Freedom, ranked 12 out of 155 countries
* The Economist: The World in 2005 - Worldwide quality-of-life index, 2005, ranked 13 out of 111 countries
* World Economic Forum: Global Competitiveness Report 2004-2005 - Growth Competitiveness Index Ranking, ranked 2 out of 104 countries
* OECD: Programme for International Student Assessment (2003 PISA[1]), Ranked 24th of 38 in mathematics, 19th of 38 in science, 12th of 38 in reading, and 26th of 38 in problem...

What Are the Most, Least Free States in the Unit


STUDY: What Are the Most, Least Free States in the United States?
A new study by a Libertarian think tank called the Mercatus Center at George Mason University ranks the 50 states in order of personal freedoms. So, how does your state stack up? Judge Andrew Napolitano reveals that the most free states are North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and New Hampshire. The least free are New York, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, and Rhode Island.
The study determined the rankings based on “the laws that the states impose that regulate personal, private behavior.”
According to Napolitano the results of the study are mixed

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    Oct 27, 2010 by jen<3 | Posted in Higher Education (University +)

    What tier is the University of Texas Pan American considered? Would a finance degree be useful from this university?

    • I'm pretty sure UT-Pan American is either tier 3 at best, or not ranked. A finance degree from there would probably make it much more difficult to get a job on Wall St or a huge financial firm compared to UT-Austin or another top finance school, but I'm a firm believer that you get out of your education what you put into it, so if you go to UT-Pan American and get great grades, learn as much as you can, and network like crazy, I see no reason why you couldn't be extremely successful with a finance degree from UT-Pan American or anywhere else.