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Christian Colleges - Regent University In VirginiaThere are hundreds of Christian colleges across the USA – so it can be very difficult choosing the right one for you. While students should always be encouraged to choose the Christian college that best suits them, in this guide we shall look at five of the most popular Christian colleges in the USA.

Christian Schools - California Baptist UniversityRegent University, Virginia

Regent University in the state of Virginia is highly regarded as one of the most popular Christian colleges in the USA and is considered to be the best Christian college in the USA.

The university offers a range of very successful and strong academic programs – particularly excelling in journalism, Christian studies and performing arts. In fact, the college’s law department was ranked second by the Princeton Review for the Best Quality of Life.

Christian School Wheaton College In IllinoisThe school works around a basis of good Christian morals and ethics – and despite this it has not prevented the university from becoming highly successful on a global scale. Graduates from Regent University are very well rounded and successful both in their personal, spiritual and working lives.

California Baptist University

Another very popular Christian college is the California Baptist University. There are approximately 4, 000 students enrolled at the college in any given year and there are a huge range of subject areas available to their students.

Christian Colleges - Azusa Pacific University In CaliforniaThey offer a popular and successful Christian Studies major that has a range of concentrations including Bible and Theology, Christian Ministry and Global Studies amongst others.

This Christian college is also well recognized for its strong mission to take part in service and relief projects around the world – with many students taking part. Strong Christian morals and beliefs are intertwined with a strong education at this college to offer a very well rounded college education for Christian students.

Wheaton College, Illinois

Wheaton College is situated in the state of Illinois and is a very academic liberal arts Christian college that has been ranked 9th in the nation for its number of graduates – showing its popularity!

All Christian denominations may attend this college and it is renowned for its small class sizes with a student to teacher ratio of approximately 12:1.

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Bear the same weight? No.

by Neil

What is usually looked for in academic programs is "regional" accreditation.
State accreditation only exists in some states and is usually, where it does exist, not given much credence outside that state.
Interesting that the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools says on their website that "The geographic territory of TRACS currently consists of the United States and its territories." In other words, "Transnational" is just so much puffery. "Let your yea be yea, and your nay be nay." A "Christian" organization which can't speak the simple truth is not one to be vouching for anyone else, IMHO.

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