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Look back, look ahead: Conference USA

[+] EnlargeThe reality that was for Conference USA this past season remains the reality the league must change for the upcoming season.

The conference, done in by realignment, has the reputation of being a way station or purgatory instead of a landing place.

All of those chronically shifting sands certainly don’t help create stability. But even more, it creates the image of a league in constant flux and, consequently, a talent pool that also is hard to judge.

Robert Hanashiro/USA TODAY SportsConference champion Tulsa rode a hot streak into the NCAA tournament but lost its coach following the season.

Fifty bucks to the casual fan that can accurately name all 14 members for 2014-15.

Memphis is no longer around to carry the league’s water. The teams in its stead, while good, just don’t have that name cache. The NCAA tournament selection committee says it judges each team on its annual merit, not past performance, but the committee is made up of human beings, too, and human nature does what it does.

While the Atlantic 10 pushed six teams into the NCAA tournament, C-USA managed just one - the second year in a row it has been shut out of an at-large bid. Southern Miss, with an RPI of 33 and 27 wins, probably deserved a bid. Louisiana Tech, another 27-game winner with a bubblier RPI of 59, deserved consideration.

Michael WhiteIt didn’t happen.

Coaches are already on record about boosting their nonconference schedules next season to guard against such disappointment, and with an 11-33 record against teams in the top 50 RPI, that’s a good idea. But until Conference USA can settle on its members and then work to build up its stock, the perception will dog its teams as much as the records.

*Answer: Charlotte, Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, North Texas, Old Dominion, Rice, Southern Miss, UAB, UTEP, UTSA and Western Kentucky.

What we saw this season: What it might have lacked in predictability, C-USA made up for in competition. Four teams finished in a tie for first place, with UTEP a mere game behind.

Trouble was, with such a gargantuan league (16 members) it was impossible to play anything near a round-robin schedule.

To be "more fair" to a person is not being fair

by nowknow

At all because it robs them of their dignity.
Never the less Islam is exremely unfair to women .... but most Muslim women accept it as normal.
A woman must cover her arms, legs and head in order to play HS or college basketball becasue if she exposes these body parts men may become aroused as though she were advertising for sex. How INSULTING to a woman in the USA or Canada . I understand that is true this could lead to rape in a very Muslim state because of other backwards rules , but Muslim women should stand up to this type of treatment in civilized communities !

As I said yesterday when Countess posted this...

by johnb_also

Find it very hard to believe that there are not a "few" gay guys among all the major pro sports teams.
Or the major college teams, for that matter, since we all know the USA press would jump on that as an important story (headline - gay guy in the locker room).
(guess my watching quite closely my fellow HS basketball players wasn't a good thing?)

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