American Negro College Fund

Frito-Lay Donates $20000 To United Negro College Fund

PLANO, Texas, division today announced the winners of its "Create to Celebrate" Black History Month art contest, which invited consumers to submit an original piece of art celebrating African American achievement in Black History. To celebrate, Frito-Lay will donate $20, 000 to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). The donation, which will help support the future educational needs of artists and students across the nation, was driven by thousands of consumer votes.

"The tremendous enthusiasm and level of engagement our fans have shown in the 'Create to Celebrate' Black History Month art contest is truly inspiring, " said Haston Lewis, senior director of marketing, Frito-Lay North America. "Through this contest and our partnership with UNCF, we are honored to contribute to such an important cause and help improve the lives of talented artists."

From January 13 to February 16, fans nationwide entered an original piece of art celebrating African American achievement in Black History as part of Frito-Lay's "Create to Celebrate" Black History Month art contest. From there, each eligible entry was featured in an online gallery at and eligible fans (13 years of age and older) were asked to vote for their favorite piece of art. The top-25 entries that received the most online votes became finalists and the winners were selected by a Frito-Lay judging panel based on artistic talent, creativity and Black History Month relevance. The complete list of 2014 "Create to Celebrate" Black History Month art contest winners include:

  • Danielle Johnson of Biloxi, Miss. will receive the $10, 000 grand prize
  • Sam Fuller of Dallas, Texas will receive the $5, 000 second prize
  • Alannah Vincent of Dothan, Ala. will receive the $2, 500 third prize

UNCF is the nation's largest and most effective minority education organization. To serve youth, the community and the nation, UNCF supports students' education and development through scholarships and other programs, strengthens its 37 member colleges and universities, and advocates for the importance of minority education. UNCF institutions and other historically black colleges and universities are highly effective, awarding 21 percent of African American baccalaureate degrees. UNCF administers more than 400 programs, including scholarship, internship and fellowship, mentoring, summer enrichment, and curriculum and faculty development programs. Today, UNCF supports more than 60, 000 students at over 900 colleges and universities across the country.

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by 2010-census-bullshit

So apparently pg. 9 of this year's census questionnaire has blacks getting all "offended" because it includes "negro" as one of the race choices for people to check off (on the same line as "black" and "african american".
i was just watching the news and they had some black prof. from SFSU yammering on about how the spanish gave black people that term, and it's derogatory because black people didn't give it to themselves, and that's why it's offensive, etc.
um, so then if it's so "offensive," wtf is up with black people themselves and their "united NEGRO college fund"????
such bullshit.
negro, please.

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