American College of Building Arts

American College of Building Arts Lectures – Charleston, South

HFA was recently asked to participate in ‘The Masters of the Building Arts Festival’ in Charleston, South Carolina. As stated in the previous post, the College was established in the aftermath of hurricane Hugo when it was realized there were too few artisan-craftsman left in the Deep South to lead the restorative recovery. As HFA continues it’s campaign against disposable building, organizations like ACBA will be important allies for bringing awareness and education to the public and implementing progressive building solutions.

, author of, elaborating on the history of the Corinthian Capital. Steve gave a lively lecture that in large part provided explanation for the reasons vernacular architecture evolves the way it does. Informed by centuries of practical experience, regional weather patterns and indigenous materials, vernacular is often a guidebook for survival.

Clay Chapman, HFA founder and spokesman, sharing the ‘affordable permanence’ concept with ACBA affiliates. Clay discussed the Columbus Field Test in depth and spoke particularly to the students about his fine arts back ground; how this was critical for his growth as a design/build artisan. The HFA program is only a year old with over 800 followers from 20 different countries, but the degree to which the concept generally resonates with ‘thinking’ people was even more amplified with the ACBA audience — for good reason. This is the future!

and HFA’s Clay Chapman sharing a moment before Steve’s ACBA lecture. ”So good to cross paths with Steve and Wanda — how often do we get to be friends with our heroes?”

There were many activities during the festival with demonstrations and exhibitions. Despite the less than clement weather, there was a great turn out and we recommend attending this annual event whole heartedly. Child friendly btw.

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