Community Colleges USA

CommunityColleges USA

Community college is one of the most important …… that gives the student a chance to study one of wide group of specifications. Also, studying in community colleges costs less in compare with studying in American universities. Besides, community colleges offer a chance for the students to get “studying units” for the first two years of “bachelor degree” those companies of four studying years in accredited high quality educational institutions. By studying in community colleges, you can build up your English language skills and immerse yourself in the American culture .

Advantages of studying in community colleges:

  • Low costs: studying, stay and living cost of community colleges are less than American universities.
  • Easy moving to any university the student chooses : this includes most of the community colleges that have ” correlation agreements” with four-year universities and colleges, so as to ensure counting the passed subjects in the community in four-year program certificate
  • Offering wide group diverse programs: community colleges present hundreds pf specializations that student can choose from.
  • Providing a smaller size of classes: the average is less than 30 students in each class, so giving a chance of continuing support and contact from the lecturer.

Required documents:.

USA Community Colleges* Secondary school certificate
*A bank paper of 17000 dollars in sponsor account.
*Five personal photos (for the Embassy)
*A copy of valid passport.

Among services the (office) offers to students’ travel:

*Making all the necessary (mailings) to ensure getting the approval.
*Help in preparing the documents that required getting the visa. Preparing US Embassy interview applications.

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