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Getting your masters with the American College of Physician

hats 300x230 Getting your masters with the American College of Physician ExecutivesThit is the sequel of a , written also by our guest author Thuc Huynh. For more information about her, please refer to the short bio below.

Previously, we talked about where to get started in business. We looked at several options both expensive and inexpensive. Now, we’ll go into depth on one of the paths you can take to get your masters degree.

The American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) has been the home for many physicians already established in their professions and for those who want more experience in leadership skills. The organization has been around since 1975.

The ACPE holds regular conferences throughout the year dedicated to teaching physicians skills needed in the administrative world. In addition to their live conferences, they also offer online courses for the busy doctor. The benefit of a live conference is being able to network with other like-minded people as well as give you the ability to ask any questions you may have about the subject at hand. The benefit of an online course is being able to save money in travel and the flexibility to study whenever it suits you. Have to run to your daughter’s soccer game? Watch a lesson afterwards. Take a couple days to complete the class or take a few months. It’s the ultimate in flexibility.

You can take these courses PRN or you can take these courses as a part of their Masters program. The ACPE has contracted with four universities to offer three different masters degrees.

The degrees include :

  • Masters in Business administration with a focus in Medical Management
  • Masters in Medical Management
  • Masters in Healthcare Quality and Safety Management

thuc1 Getting your masters with the American College of Physician ExecutivesThe four universities include :

  • University of Massachusetts Amherst – MBA
  • University of San Diego – MMM
  • Carnegie Mellon University – MMM
  • Thomas Jefferson University – MS-HQSM

Before you take classes with one of these universities, you are required to complete the ACPE Pre-requisite Curriculum. This includes 93 core credits and 32 elective credits. It’s not as bad as it sounds.

The way the ACPE calculates credits is very different from the way universities calculate their credits. In universities, it’s typical for one course to equal four credits. With the ACPE, one class can range from 3.5 credits up to 27 credits. The core classes carry many credits per class. I found that strange.

The ACPE classes are very healthcare management oriented. Some of the topics include Physicians in Management, Healthcare Informatics, Conflict Resolution, Healthcare Law, Strategic Thinking, etc.

I bet you think 125 credits sounds like a lot of money. It’s not. As an ACPE member, you get a discount. If you’re a medical student or resident, you get an even better discount. The total cost for the ACPE Prerequisite curriculum starts at $6, 500 dollars. If you’re a resident, cut that in half. Yes, HALF. So if any medical students or residents are interested, get in on this before you graduate residency. I’m currently doing the prerequisite classes during my residency. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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