List of Engineering Colleges in USA

A List Of The Top 10 Popular Engineering Universities In USA

Carnegie Melon UniversityStudents in the United States as well as other parts of the world who are interested in getting engineering degrees have a lot of options when it comes to the engineering universities to choose from in the USA. Though there are many universities and colleges that offer engineering courses, there are some that stand out from others. If you are interested in knowing the top 10 popular engineering universities in USA, the following is the list.

10. Carnegie Melon University

This is one of the best choices of universities for people who want to pursue 100% engineering. It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it is certainly renowned for remarkable science as well as engineering programs. It is a comprehensive university that has got strengths not only in engineering, but also in arts and sciences.

9. Cornell University

Cornell UniversityCornell University is one of the eight Ivy League schools which are among the most selective colleges in the USA. It arguably offers the strongest engineering programs compared to the other seven schools. Apart from offering the best programs, it boasts of an urban setting and students who go there will appreciate its beautiful location that overlooks Lake Cayuga. It is located in Ithaca, New York.

8. Purdue University (West Lafayette Campus)

Purdue University is the main campus of the Indiana’s state university system. It has a population of over 40, 000 students and it has over 200 undergraduate programs. It is located about 65 miles from Indianapolis and 125 miles from Chicago. It is a university that represents an extraordinary value especially for in-state applicants.Purdue University It is also one of the universities that have NCAA Division I athletics program.

7. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the best universities especially for students who would like to pursue engineering but are not absolutely sure about it. Apart from the engineering programs, it also offers programs in humanities, sciences and social sciences. The challenge might be getting in since it has a single-digit acceptance rate. It is located in Stanford, California.

6. University of California – Berkeley

The engineering specialties at this university include mechanical engineering, nuclear engineering, industrial engineering, materials engineering and more. It has 40 different research centers that students can take advantage of. Its vibrant campus is found in the San Francisco Bay area. UC is renowned for its liberal as well as activist personality.

If I spoke German like some of my ancestors

by Sharpster

I'd move back to Germany, where unemployment is high but there is a saftey net, nobody homeless or living in their cars, low crime/murder rate because unemployed people do not need to steal/kill to get $ to pay their bills there. Also, there is a strict meritocracy there, if you graduate from college with a good degree (i.e., business, engineering, etc) you will rarely be out of work - unlike here where companies can use H1Bs and other migrants for cheap labor so they can fire Americans, OR where promotions are usually based on kissing your bosses ass as much as how well you do your job. Or hiring by quota to avoid lawsuits

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