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By: Eric P. Kindwall, MD and Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, MD

This manual is best used as a quick reference guide to determine if a particular patient is likely to benefit from HBOT, or to find a treatment protocol. It also contains helpful hints regarding training, chamber operation, and comprehensive wound care.

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By: Eric P Kindwall MD and Harry T. Whelan MD



Edited by: John H. Zhang, MD, PhD

This timely textbook is the first ever to be published on hyperbaric oxygen and its potential applications in neurological diseases. The stellar list of 37 national and international contributors is more than impressive.

hyperbaricnursing.jpgFROM THE EDITOR: Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) has been used as a therapeutic or an alternative therapeutic strategy for neurological diseases for many years. However, for most neurological diseases, HBO is being used without FDA and UHMS approval and therefore HBO is used to treat neurological diseases in mostly “free-standing” clinics. One of the key issues that prevented HBO to become part of mainstream medicine for neurological diseases is the lack of scientific evidence to support a possible neuroprotective effect of HBO. That is the reason for publishing this book.

hyperbaricsurgery.jpgThis book has four features. First, a basic science section of four chapters to demonstrate the effect of HBO on brain physiology and metabolism as well as pathophysiology. Lacking basic mechanisms for the effect of HBO has been the major hurdle preventing the use of HBO for neurological diseases. Second, this book emphasizes the potential use of HBO in stroke treatment with three chapters, because stroke is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of long term disability in the nation. Targeting stroke has the potential to take HBO to a new level in future applications. Third, the experimental application of HBO is discussed with five chapters on traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, autism, multiple sclerosis, and on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. There are tremendous debates in these fields and...

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You need a financial plan

by che_lives

You can hire a certified financial planner to draw up a financial plan. They will look at how much money you make, how much assets you have now and how much longer you intend to work in the future to come up with a plan for insuring that you can live comfortably and aren't taking any undue risks. They also insure that you have enough insurance and you can pay for future obligations like saving money for college if you have children.
If you have the determination and the interest, you can put together a plan on your own. UC Berkeley Extention has classes on becoming a financial planner and I used the required reading list from their financial planning classes to put together my own plan, but it would probably be less time consuming and cheaper to just hire a professional

Thanks for the great advice.

by newbiecpa

You are right, I do need more experience in taxes if I am going to go out on my own. And "to focus on what you really want to do and work back from that" is the optimal way to go about any career. It's just that the situation that I am in unfortunately forces me to make some compramises at this point. Consulting, working one-on-one with clients and solving problems would be the ideal job for me, and tax accounting is one way that I thought I could take on that work style. Other avenues that I considered are strategy consulting and financial planning, but again, visa issues and lack of experience

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